Why Do We Judge Our Kids For Their Emotions?

Jul 02, 2022
Why Do We Judge Our Kids For Their Emotions?

We have lots of labels for how kids talk. 

They raise their voice in frustration and we call them disrespectful. 

They say no when we ask them to do something and we call them disobedient. 

They ask us for another toy and we tell them they’re spoilt. 

They complain to us about anything and we tell them they’re being ungrateful. 

They feel too shy to talk to new people and we tell them they’re being rude. 

Unless they do exactly as we ask or expect, we have an opinion about it and we think it’s our duty to express it. 

Can you imagine someone judging and labeling every thing that comes out of your mouth and giving you a lecture about it? 

Have you ever wondered what our kids think of the words that come out of OUR mouths? 

What if they could label our tone, choice of words, topics of conversation and everything else we utter? 

How do WE talk to THEM?

How do we talk to our spouses?

Our parents?

Our house help? 

How do WE talk when we’re upset, angry, sad, disappointed, frustrated, tired, hurt?! 

Our children are whole people too. Capable of all emotions. Possessing the right to express those emotions without being judged by people who love them most.