Neuroscience-based parenting practices.

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Set boundaries confidently and kindly?

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Stop hitting and screaming at your kids?

Start enjoining your kids?

Feel confident in helping your children with their emotional regulation?

Finally, have the kind of relationship with your kids that you've always dreamed of?


Join Anokhay Parents Course and let's work together on all of your parenting goals.




1- Weekly Zoom live meetings for 8 weeks
2- Lifetime access to 24+ short videos pre-recorded by Maryam
3- All live sessions are recorded
4-Exclusive WhatsApp or FB group where you can ask us questions during and after the program
5- Lots of other resources like printable handouts etc.
6- Building a community with other like-minded parents
7- Testing the sound parenting
8- Practicing all you've learned with your coach

- Every live meeting is 2 hours and includes Q and A session.

- Times are different for different coaches, please pay attention to the shown time zone.

- We require that you're able to use Zoom video + audio.

- We highly recommend only signing up for the program if you can pay your full attention in the live meetings with the camera on.

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We have equally amazing and highly qualified coaches to help you.

Please choose according to your preferences, and schedules.

Sana's Anokhay Parents Course

AP Course January (Big group with Facebook Group support)

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Sana's program is also for couples. Your spouse doesn't have to pay extra. Sana's approach incorporates lessons from her religious beliefs as well. This is an 8-week respectful parenting course and includes WhatsApp support with Sana.

Sarah's Anokhay Parents Course

Saturday, December 7, 2022 10:30 am PKT or 12:30 am EST


Sarah's expertise includes parenting in environments which are not conducive to Respectful parenting.


She has children ranging from 10 months to 10 years so is able to relate to your struggles and help you navigate through them. Especially siblings rivalry. Sarah incorporates parenting lessons from Sunnah as well.


Her greatest strength is her ability to connect with mothers and help them with their limiting beliefs. Sarah will communicate the content in Urdu & English. Maryam's accompanying videos are also available in Urdu. The slides and handouts are in English.

Garima's Anokhay Parents Course

Friday, December 9, 2022 10:00 PM IST

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Garima expertise is working with parents of babies and toddlers.
She’ll coach you on dealing with kid’s tantrums, focus on raising emotionally balanced kids
and will enable parents to channelize their own triggers and unmet needs. Her methods will allow you to build a deep emotional connection, set clear boundaries which are free from shame, blame, pain and bring more joy to everyday parenting, without bribery, threats, yelling or punishment.

Nabila's Anokhay Parents Course

Live meeting on every Tuesday

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Nabila is passionate about working with parents of kids 2 years and above. Her expertise includes helping parents view their kids as the amazing beings they are, deal with tantrums and build connection through communication. Being a PTCC graduate, she also has insights on school woes and homeschooling.




Sana: Sunday, 3rd Dec 2022,  12pm EST

Sarah: Wednesday, 7th Dec 2022,   10pm  PKT

Garima: Friday, 9th Dec 2022,  10pm  IST 

Nabila: Tuesday, 24th Jan 2023, 10am  PKT

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💗 Please check your spam before reaching out to us if you don't see the email in your inbox.

💗 Please save this email as it provides you the username and password to access your members' area where all the videos will be uploaded including the Zoom meeting link and recordings.

💗 Please attend orientation to learn how to access the members' area.

💗 All the other coaches' courses include a WhatsApp group where your coach will engage for the duration of the course and after the course ends, members are encouraged to support each other and build a community.

💗 After the course ends, all participants WILL be added to the above mentioned  AP FB group so you can stay connected to each other and us.

💗 You can get a refund any time within two months of signing up if you're not satisfied- refunds can only be issued to participants who kept their Zoom video turned on during the live meetings + actively participated in the homework/assignments because that's the only way to get full benefit from the program. 

💗 Please contact [email protected] if you have more questions.


It's an 8-Week Respectful Parenting Course consisting of the following modules:


Week 1: Amazing You

- Respectful parenting begins with you so let's get to know ourselves a little better and learn about our own triggers and regulation.

Week 2: The Lens Shift

         - Why do kids not listen? Why are they so full of anger sometimes? We can't help them unless we understand those behaviours that drive us nuts!

Week 3: Building A Lasting Connection 

         - Did you know that time spent with kids is all about quality and not quantity? This week you'll learn how to maximize the time you give them and minimize mom guilt!

Week 4: Practice session 

         - Rewiring our brain to learn new patterns takes practice. This week you'll be presented with different scenarios to practice your new skills.

 Week 5: Excelling at Boundary Setting

         - There are actual things you can do to replace yelling and frustration! This week we will learn new skills to set boundaries with love and kindness.

Week 6: Building Self-reliance and Resilience 

         - Who doesn't want kids who can stand up for themselves? This week we'll learn how we can raise kids who know how to protect themselves and do hard things.

Week 7: Building Independence and Trust

         - This is the ultimate test of sound parenting: children who can accept responsibility and be independent yet have a long lasting trust-filled relationship with their parents.

Week 8: Practice and Review

         - In the last week, you'll practice your new skills again with your coach and fellow parents. And will have a chance to review anything you didn't understand.



In Urdu it means "different" and is sometimes used in a derogatory way to mock someone.

So many of my clients tell me that when others around them see them parenting respectfully, they say, "What are you doing? Who parents like this? Are you 'anokhay'?"

So I thought, why not own that label!

Being different and being a change-maker is not a bad thing when you're breaking generational abuse cycles. So let that word empower us- anokhay we are! 

The Anokhay Parents© program is led by all the coaches personally trained and mentored by Maryam Munir. It is designed to be a life-changing program that can take you from a parenthood filled with yelling, hitting, controlling to filled with joy, compassion, and confidence.


Learn the evidence-based practices in the light of the latest neuroscience findings on children's brains!


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This program is for you if you're a parent who is:


  • Sick and tired of saying the same thing to your kids a billion times.
  • Feeling like your kids are rude and disrespectful
  • Fighting with them over everything.
  • Dealing with intense anger and tantrums
  • Ashamed of your own anger and aggression
  • Afraid that your children aren't confident
  • Worried that your children are socially inept
  • Concerned about their motivation

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