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Anokhay Mentors

Join Sana, Afra, and Nabila on the journey of a lifetime to emerge...

Feeling lighter and happier than you ever have before! 

Feeling confident about your relationships

Feeling at peace with yourself and your decisions

Having direction about your life and where you want to take it

Break generational trauma cycles of rage, abuse and hurt

Find support and compassion with your fellow journey-makers

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"Anokhay Mentors was an amazing journey. It has left me craving for more, I actually think of taking the course again.

Both Afra and Maryam are such amazing people that I feel that I have a deep connection with them.

They make you feel heard, understood. I'm also grateful for the like minded bunch of people I have met through this course.

A lot has been learned. A lot has yet to be. But it was all worth the investment. The time, the money, the commitment ❤️"


- Abeera Zafar Tarar

Are you ready to invest in yourself and change your life?




✴ Weekly Live zoom calls

✴ 16 Bite-sized videos

✴ Resources and support to get started on your own life's path

✴ A community of like-minded women to stay connected with

In this 12-week course, I'll be covering all of the following:


Phase 1: Finding Ourselves


Module 1: Telling Our Story

Week 1 and Week 2: We can't heal who we don't know and discovering our story leads us to our authentic self 

Module 2: Owning Our Story

Week 3 and Week 4: Once we know our story, we can begin to author the rest of it and feel empowered 

Phase 2: Raising Ourselves


Module 3: Raising Our Bodies

Week 5: We learn to honor and heal our bodies that have carried us through trauma and stress 

Module 4: Raising Our Minds

Week 6 and Week 7: Our brain is a survival organ and with the power of our minds, we can start to rewire it for success 

Phase 5: Raising Our Hearts

Week 8: Once we learn our true value, we want to purify our hearts so our relationships can thrive 

Module 6: Raising Our Souls 

Week 9 and Week 10: Finally, the soul is ready to align with our highest self and we learn how to nurture it for compassion 

Phase 3: Giving Ourselves


Module 7: Finding Our Purpose

Week 11: Once we complete our journey to raising ourselves, we are ready to find our purpose in life

Week 12: Finally, we learn to set goals and carve a path for the way forward

Please Note: We have done our best to provide you an accurate schedule and layout of how the program will be conducted but there is a possibility that things could change since Maryam and Afra both have young children. In this case, we will inform you ahead of time as much as we can and make due compensations.

Do you feel it?


Do you feel like you do a lot for everyone but no one seems to appreciate it?

Do you dream of fulfilling relationships but somehow things always seem to go wrong?

Are you desperate to become a calmer parent/person but no matter how long you go without losing it, in the end you do lose it and everything falls apart?

Do you feel like you're always drowning, let alone help others?

Do you have dreams and aspirations but the fear of failing always paralyzes you?


If you answered 'yes' to any of these, then I can tell you that I've been there too and I know what a dark place it can be.


I always knew I wanted to change people's lives but always felt like a failure myself.

I didn't think I was 'one of those people' who do 'those kinds of things'.

Well, then something happened and I started to become the person I wanted to be and I started to live the life I wanted to live.

Now I get to help hundreds of parents break generational trauma cycles and parent with respect and joy!

Now I feel like I need to help others also materialize their dreams.

The world needs more people like you who have the desire to help but just don't know where to start.

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Things to know about the Program

Through these 12 weeks, you will get:


- Deep self-awareness so you can tell your story and leave it where it belongs: in the past!

- Insight into your triggers and strengths so you can work on both!

- Tools and skills to build your self-worth, confidence and motivation.

- Your 'tribe': A ready-made community of like-minded people.

- Personalized guidance for your own unique path if you feel ready for it

Zoom Live Details:


- Duration of Zoom lives is 2.5 hours so please make sure you can set aside this time each week.

- This program is for women only

- You will need access to Zoom, microphone and webcam.

- This program will yield best results if you're able to commit yourself to it for the duration of the program. This is an intense program and will be truly effective if you're able to focus on it.

- SPECIAL NOTE: We do require that you have your video on for the duration of the live (2.5 hours). Don't worry- we give breaks! It's very distracting for us when videos are turned off so unfortunately this time we're setting the boundary of not allowing participants who are unable to appear with video (unless they have special needs). This is to discourage multitasking which is the antithesis of this program.

Money Back Guarentee

As always, if you don't get the results you wanted, you will get your money back!​

Please read the Money-back Guarantee Refund Policy here.

I make this promise because I'm certain insha'Allah that this program will deliver results!