Because children learn and thrive when they feel safe

Join this Neuroscience based training for teachers to support your students' learning and growth the right way.

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What is SAFE Teachers?

SAFE Teachers is a training program based on the neuroscience of safety.

The latest research in the field of neuroscience tells us that children learn and thrive best when they're in an environment suited to their developing nervous system.

In simple terms this means that unless a child feels comfortable with his teacher, he/she won't be able to truly learn and do well at school. 

More about SAFE Teachers

What does this training program do?

Our biggest goal with this program is to create classrooms and schools where children become self-directed, self-motivated and excelling human beings.

Through this program teachers are taught the tools, skills and knowledge to best support their students in every way- with academics, socially and emotionally. Through this training, teachers learn how to create an environment that promotes peace, cooperation and excellence.

Is this suitable for every School?

Do you want your school to become a place where teachers love working, students love learning and parents are happy paying whatever you ask?

Then, YES.

This training program is for your school as well.

It does require significant work to change but if you're committed to the success of the children entrusted to you, then you'll never look back after this training.

Take a Peek Inside

Module 1: Amazing You Amazing View

Safe Teachers

This module lasts a day and a half and brings awareness to teachers about their own wellness and helps them understand how to be their best self for kids

1- Setting up the classroom rules and etiquettes

2- Learning how to deal with students' mistakes

3- Appreciating teachers and their hard work

4- What makes a good teacher great?

5- How to motivate students to learn

6- How to create a classroom that's fair

7- The power of play

8- Handling classroom fights

9- A child's brain- how to meet children's developmental needs?

10- Understanding the goals of teaching

Module 2: The Science of Safety

This module lasts half a day and focuses on gaining an understanding of the neuroscience behind creating a safe environment

1- What is relational safety? (The safety people feel in a relationship)

2- How do our bodies respond to an unsafe person

3- Why/how competition, comparisons and evaluations create lack of safety

4- The effect of stress on learning

5- How to help kids manage their daily stresses so they can focus on learning

6- How trauma at home can affect learning and what teachers can do about it

7- How to help the kids who are 'behind'

8- Self-care for teachers

Safe Teachers

Module 3: A SAFE Classroom

Safe Teachers

This module lasts all of the third day and focuses on putting all the learning to practice with fun and interactive practices that include but aren't limited to:

1- How to meet the needs of an upset child

2- How to set boundaries

3- How to help two students who are arguing/fighting

4- How to respond when kids hit/bite/push etc.

5- How to speak to angry/upset parents

6- How to facilitate child-led learning

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