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Maryam is a world famous Parent/Family Coach and an in-demand speaker who's appeared on TV and guested on multiple live events, workshops and webinars.


"Alhamdulilallah it was a an amazing experience to have Maryam Munir as our guest speaker at our annual Parenting with Allah by my side Confrence.

We throughly enjoyed learning from her. Her graceful presence, on point slides and talks filled with information and helpful tools was well received and loved by our team as well as our audience.

Truly inspirational and a generational tend setter in the girls of parenting and healing Mariyam is authentically leading in her niche!
May Allah Subhanahu Wa TALA bless her immensely, ameen."

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Hi, I'm Maryam!


I'm the founder of The Parent Empowerment Project (TPEP).

My aim is to empower and educate parents, teachers and anyone who cares about children to break generational trauma cycles and start respectful parenting with the lens of the most cutting edge neuroscience findings.

I provide education and support to parents all over the world through workshops and consults. 

In my work with parents, I realized how important their mental health was and that inspired me to make my work trauma-informed. 

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Maryam is a published author, trauma-informed Parent Coach and founder of TPEP (The Parent Empowerment Project) where she empowers and educates parents and teachers about Respectful Parenting and mental health with the lens of the most cutting edge neuroscience findings.

Maryam has completed her Masters' degree in Human Services Counseling with Trauma focus from Liberty University in Virginia, U.S. She also has an associate's in Psychology and bachelors' in Software Engineering. With her formal education in Psychology, Clinical Mental Health, Play Therapy, Neurobiology of Trauma and Mindfulness she is equipped with knowledge and tools to help parents and other caretakers break generational trauma cycles and become safe humans. This safety created by caretakers makes the kind of environment that children can truly thrive in.

She is an advocate of "healed people heal others" and is very passionate about helping parents prioritize their own mental health.


Handy Links:

My book: www.maryammunir.com

Workshops: www.teepep.com



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