Unconditional Apology.

Jul 04, 2022
Unconditional Apology.

Have you noticed how hard it is to offer an unconditional apology?

Can you guess what’s wrong with the following apologies? I’ll number them so you can troubleshoot by number.

1- “I’m sorry I yelled at you but please next time don’t do xyz.”

2- “I’m sorry beta.. please don’t make me hit you next time.”

3- “I’m sorry beti... I won’t yell at you again.”

4- “I’m sorry I yelled.. but I don’t know why you keep doing the same thing when I’ve told you so many times...”

5- “I’m sorry.. I just get so mad when you keep hurting your sister after we’ve talked about it so many times.”

An honest, unconditional and meaningful apology is very simple.

“I’m sorry I screwed up.”

Bus. (That’s it)

It can be ok to add the following sometimes.

“I’m gonna try harder next time. Is there anything I can do to make this better right now?”