Stopping Unsafe/Unwanted Behavior

boundary setting respectfulboundaries Jul 29, 2022

How To Stop Unwanted Behavior

1- Use positive language, instead of “Don’t run!”, try “Please, walk”

- Matlab (eg.) instead of saying what they shouldn’t do, say what they CAN do.

2- Redirect. Matlab (eg.) give options that work for you both. “I can’t let you write on the walls but here’s a paper..” “I cant let you use my lipstick but I can buy you a lip balm.”

3- Provide physical help when positive instructions don’t work, “I’m going to hold your hand so you don’t run.” (Validate any resulting bad feelings)

4- Problem-solve together. “You REALLY want to watch more TV and I REALLY think you’re watching too much TV these days.. I wonder what we can do...” “You and your sister both want the same toy... what can we do so you’re both happy?”

5- Share your feelings. “I get really frustrated when I see shoes in the hallway.” (“Uff main kitna thak jaati hoon roz zameen sai kapray utha utha kai.” #respectfulboundaries