My Daughter Husna

advice/correction connection loving our children Jul 29, 2022

Let me tell you a story about this girl named Husna who’s our spunky and feisty 6-year-old (though the story is from last year pre-covid when she was still in school).

So about Husna... If I were to say she alone, in many ways, is equal to her three brothers, I wouldn’t be lying. She gives us more hugs and kisses than all three boys combined, she showers more love on her baby brothers than all the three boys combined do on her, she shares and helps more too many times and incidentally is also super smart and academic.

She also cries the most, is most demanding, is most unrelenting in what she wants, and our patience is tried the most by her misadventures:

It’s clear that her brain is very busy all the time. Her endless energy and spirit is at once, a joy to behold and a reason for us to want to pull our hair out!

We wouldn’t change any of it for the world, though.

It would’ve been so so easy to focus on some of the hard stuff we go through with her. I can even see myself wondering if she has some form of ADHD if I didn’t know about basic child development.

We’ve always chosen to focus on her strengths which by far outweigh her struggles. We accept ALL of her and embrace it fully and never fail to tell her what a joyful addition she is to our lives.

Today was another reminder of just how special she is ماشاللہ

She has sharing day every Monday. She showed me a piece of paper on which she had written two of her friends’ names to share with her class and excitedly told me that the black stuff is fireworks and the two girls are her best friends. I nodded and agreed it was a cool idea.

A while later she came to me and said.

H: Mama please help me make another drawing with all the kids’ names.

M: Mmm.. how come? What happened to the one you made

H: Baba asked me if it might hurt someone’s feelings that I didn’t include them in my drawing

M: Hmmm... would your feelings be hurt if say, Safiya made a drawing about her two best friends that didn’t include you

H: No

M: Ok, so do you think it’s fine then? Everyone is allowed to have best friends

H: But Mama! Everyone is different! Just because I won’t be hurt doesn’t mean no one else will.

I couldn’t help but be in awe of this amazing little girl that we’ve been blessed with الحمدللہ

I had to then help her make another one with all the friends’ names:)