Kids Enjoy Academics Too!

#toddlerstruggles lens shift Aug 08, 2022

It’s summer and I’ve gotten PMs from moms asking what kind of “academic activities” they can do for their kids to teach them stuff. Yet other moms are worried their kids won’t be “preschool ready” at age 3/4 and how can they catch them up on their alphabet and counting. Some moms are worried that their kids are not “interested”.

I just wanted to share my story not because I think my daughter is anything special- I mean she is, but so are all kids 💜 All kids ARE amazing and special and learn at their own pace and are born with the desire to learn. Sometimes, we get anxious and caught up in societial pressures, but if we didn’t, this is what would happen. A 4yo squatting on the floor, writing the alphabet by quietly singing to herself, trying to recall it all correctly, at 11pm when I asked her to put on her Pjs. “Mama! Can I finish this please? I have to do this right now!” Of course, you may finish it. (My usual answer to that question)

When we let kids be kids, when we don’t project our adult agendas on to them, when we remember that learning happens through play, when we give them time, when we give them space, when we take equal joy in ALL their interests, of course they willingly learn and enjoy “academics” too. Our job is to facilitate and trust their learning process. Key words: TRUST. THEIR. PROCESS. No workbooks. No tuition. No tension. No coercion. No homework. No pressure. No forcing. Just love and support and facilitation. (AT LEAST until age 7). Step away from the rat race. There are no winners there.

During a consultation, one parent was worried that her son won’t get into any “good school” if she doesn’t teach him all the alphabet and counting. I told her that right there shows me that’s NOT a good school. Find a school that operates on the latest research and where teachers are trained in early childhood education because they will never expect a 3yo to know or care about counting/reciting alphabet. It’s up to us to advocate for our kids and find them the “right” schools. Famous/“good”/expensive doesn’t always equal “right for us”.