Guide On How To Be A Parenting Coach.

advice/correction faqs Jul 29, 2022

Ok so lots of you have PM’d me and asked me how to become a Parent Coach. I figured I’ll write a post about it so everyone can benefit انشاللہ

You can do a certification and become a “certified coach” and that has its value at some point in your career (not a good starting point IMO). Ultimately, people are gonna wanna know who YOU are and why they should listen to your advice. For that reason, to be a SUCCESSFUL parenting coach, you need more than just a certification:

1- The most important thing in the world is to be your authentic self. To find out who YOU are and bring that to your coaching 💯🥰

2- No one likes a know-it-all (because it’s not realistic) so you HAVE to be willing to share your own struggles. This is scary and vulnerable. It’s not easy to put yourself out there and expose yourself to judgement. But it’s the only way to allow people to relate to you. Also, fear is your new best friend. Don’t be afraid of it 😊

3- You can do 10 certifications and none of them will give you what REAL interaction with REAL people can give you. Join multiple parenting groups and put yourself out there. Give advice. Empathize. Connect. You’ll start to learn what works and what doesn’t work. I invite you to reply to posts in this group and be open to being corrected- that’s how learning happens. If you’re not willing to make mistakes and be uncomfortable, you’re not ready to lead.

4- Read books. As many as you can get your hands on, related to this field (I’ve listed some on my website’s resources’ page)

5- Other than a certification, attend other online classes as well. There’s a lot of stuff out there and even free stuff. I often share links here too.

Certifications’ recommendations:

1- I did Positive Discipline Association’s and I’ll be honest.. it’s decent if you’re at the end of your learning journey and ready to launch your workshops. It’s not a great place to start and it’s not geared towards 1:1 coaching.

2- I’ve heard great things about Peaceful Parenting With The Jai Institute. Sidrat Asim did this one- I’d love to hear your input if you’re ok sharing!

I know there’s at least a couple more that are popular but I really haven’t done any research on them to be able to recommend them so you’d have to do your own research and see if their teachings align with your beliefs. Here’s an article about it you can read.

I get frequent requests for mentorships and I’m definitely excited to launch my own certification soon in shaa’Allah and will definitely be picking my first batch from this very community! The more you show up and engage here, the more I’d love to support you and welcome you in my program should you be interested 💗

My favorite thing about this field is that it’s where we build each other up. There’s something special about this community of professionals. We operate on the basic principle that the world needs more of us and there’s a place for ALL of us. I’ve learnt so much from others in the field and consider it an honor to pay it forward. 💗