Good Bye Ego!

parental anger Jul 02, 2022
Good Bye Ego!

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you." - Rumi

The ego is the walls you created to defend yourself from pain and shame.

You weren't allowed to cry or be upset about things that hurt you, and the walls made it easy to keep out the feelings that might trigger that shame that came with feelings you should have been allowed to have.

The walls/ego protected you. But it also did something else.

It made you a lonely prisoner. You shut out the "bad" feelings and along with it, ALL feelings.

It became easy to believe that feelings are only for "weak people". And you. You're strong.

You shake your head at those who cry easily. Sometimes your children's feelings make you uncomfortable too. "He's too weak," you think. You worry and then it begins again. The cycle of shame. Maybe your words are less shaming. Perhaps your tone is much kinder. But the message is the same.

Crying is for weak people and you are not weak. When you act weak, I don't accept you. I can't accept you. It's a reminder of my own failing. Am I failing?

Except you were never failing.

You were never weak.

You were a child and a human. With every right to cry and feel and express what's inside.

And it's not too late for you now to find that child inside you and allow him/her to cry and feel big feelings. Not anger- The Big Cover Emotion but other feelings, the ones the anger hides. Like fear, insecurity, pain, disappointment, heartache and love.

These authentic feelings live inside you and don't make you weak.

You are strong and you were always strong and you'll be even stronger when you break down those walls. When you wish adieu to that ego. When you step outside and allow light to come in.

Light and joy. Pain too. But the light and joy will heal that every time. It's not something you need to fear anymore.

Goodbye ego. You served me well. You protected me. And now, I don't need you anymore. Joy awaits me. Love awaits me. Pain awaits me. Feelings aren't bad. Or wrong.

They just are.

Goodbye, Ego.