"Do You Need Help?"

Jul 02, 2022

Your child wants to open that packet of chips themselves. 

You know they can’t. 

You’re in a hurry. 

You’re dying to jump in and grab it from them and just do it. 


Ask first, “Do you need help?”

ALWAYS ask first. 

“No!” They say. 

“Ok.. I’m here if you need me..”

A few seconds later, they ask for help. And you will help them. You won’t say, “See? I told you, you couldn’t do it.”

We don’t tell our children they can’t do something. Ever. 

There’s going to be that one day she WILL open that packet of chips because you gave her space to try. Those 50 times she tried and failed but had your support were important. 

They allowed her to think she CAN do it. And one day she did.