Division Of Responsibility

toddler eating Aug 07, 2022

The best answer to kids’ eating issues has been DOR for our family and many I know!

Some things to remember with DOR

1- If you’ve never done this, your child might go through a “strike” period where they won’t eat anything because their body has forgotten that it NEEDS food for survival- that's ok, keep offering food at meal times and hang in there.

2- It’s fine to cook whatever but also important to be nice and remember our kids general likes and dislikes.

3- The reason we don’t try to control the sequence of eating is because ideally, everything on the plate should be healthy and something we WANT them to eat so less or more doesn’t matter.

4- Since quantity is in their control... they can ask for more of something that’s on their plate. And we have to give it to them.. because again, we don’t choose quantity.

Analyzing Our Feelings

Perhaps reading this post and the previous one is causing you some worries and doubts.

But my child is ONLY going to eat rice then!

But my child won’t touch his roti!

My child will take one bite and run off!

Feel your feelings. Allow yourself to feel your fear and then force yourself to trust the process.

Isn’t it interesting how much stress and worries we have revolving around our kids’ eating? Is this process making us more conscious of these worries? What would happen if we were able to trust the process and our kids and let go? What’s the WORST that’s going to happen?

Can we deal with the worst with tools like compassion and empathy in our pockets?

Now visualize your life WITHOUT the stress of mealtime battles.

You give your child food. They eat what they want. They leave the rest. You have zero input and concerns during this time. End of story!

Wouldn’t that be nice?! We got this!