Brain Science- Part 1

brain science Jul 29, 2022

Like my kids would say NERD ALERT NERD ALERT!


Who’s ready to go into nerd zone with me?

I’m SO excited to start a three-part series of posts about brain science here. It’s gonna be different from anything I’ve written before because it’s going to explore the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Did you know that the right brain is associated with imagination, play, creativity, empathy and the left brain is associated with analytics, academics and logic?

It’s so important to understand how each brain side develops in children because the two brains are essentially just that, TWO brains. They’re physically not attached and are separated by a thin membrane called the ‘cerebral falx’.

I’m sure all of you have heard about this left and right brain concept. Some people will even say things like “men are more left brained and women are more right-brained” (not essentially true- depends on which side of your brain you use more).

But this series is going to be super cool... why you ask?

You see, I’ve been reading this FASCINATING book by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor that’s about her account of the left brain stroke she suffered at age 37. She was an amazing and intelligent neuroanatomist so when she had the stroke, she was able to almost study her own brain in astounding detail and clarity DURING the stroke! (Her book is called My Stroke of Insight).

If you’re wondering what the heck her stroke has to do with parenting... get this... her stroke was in the LEFT brain so she lost functioning of it and was only left with her RIGHT brain so what she’s sharing is.. what would happen if we as adults, become VERY right-brained!

And did you see this coming... CHILDREN ARE RIGHT-BRAINED!!!

So as I’m reading/listening to her book, I’m FASCINATED about how much she sounds like what a baby or toddler might sound like if they could articulate/express themselves! I feel like reading those excerpts from the book could be life-changing for parents of young kids and honestly, ALL kids because even preteens and teens can’t express themselves well because society doesn’t teach any of us how to express ourselves. 😕

For the sake of context, I will use the words “kid brain” for the right hemisphere and “grown-up brain” for the left hemisphere. Isn’t there a kid in all of us that needs more attention? 🤗

Anyway, I think you will love this series and I’m going to call this Part 1 so part 2 coming soon.

P.S. I love spreading knowledge but please do give credit if you use my work in your posts and blogs. Even if we’re not copy pasting posts, ideas are also someone’s intellectual property 💗

Link for Part 2: