Accepting Your Child's Emotions.

Jul 04, 2022
Accepting Your Child's Emotions.

A little tip:

Many of you say, “When I say ‘no’ to my child, she cries so much.. what should I do?”

I personally think it’s important to let our kids know that their crying is just as acceptable as their laughter.

For those of you who are still on the journey to accepting all the kids’ emotions OR SOMETIMES want to avoid the loud emotions (THAT I can relate to;)), here is something that almost always somehow results in my kids NOT crying when I say no.

“Beta, the answer is no and I love you and you’re welcome to cry because you’re allowed to have feelings about this. I’m here and ready for it.”

No crying. 🤷🏻

Might not help with the very youngest of children but the older ones, yes. Here are some alternatives.

“I love you and that’s a hard no. I understand if you need to cry or scream.”

“I’m sorry I’m gonna go with no here. I get that might be hard for you. I’m here if you need to vent or cry about it.”

“I hate that I have to say ‘no’ here. I wish I could say ‘yes’- this is hard for us both. Do you feel like crying?”


“Beti, is ka jawab hai “nahi”. Agr Ap ko Acha nahi laga tou aap ro sakti ho. Main aap kai paas hoon.”

Bachon kai ronay pai zaida tension na lain. Baicharay royaain bhe na tou kia karaain. Un ko dalasa dai dain baghair explanations aur “laikin” kai. Sakoon main rahaain. 💗