A Conversation With My 15 Year Old nephew.

Jul 04, 2022
A Conversation With My 15 Year Old nephew.

A conversation with my 15yo teen nephew.

Me: “Wow is that a shoe rack on your wall?!” (Thinking: is it me or there’s something odd about this shoe rack)

Him: (With a shy smile) “Yes.”

Me: (Sensing, I need to keep my judgement about having shoe racks so up high on the walls to myself and choosing curiosity): “That’s different- tell me more.”

Him: “They’re special sneakers.”

Me: (suppressing the Aunty comment that how special can sneakers possibly be and once again choosing curiosity): “Very interesting! Special as in- they’re designer?”

Him: (Still a bit reserved- I’m sensing he’s anticipating judgement) “Well, they’re hard to get..”

Me: (Grasping to find something to relate to) “You mean like those special edition kind of items that sell out quickly?”

Him: (Opening up now, sensing my genuine curiosity and lack of judgement) “Yes! Like that! They’re hard to buy in the first place and they only make them one time so if you didn’t get one then you’ll never get it!”

Me: “Oh wow and you were able to get these?! That’s impressive!”

Him: (Beaming now) “Yes.. and then you can also sell them for a big profit.”

Me: (My judgement forgotten, and genuine interest surfacing) “No way!”

Him: (Sensing my genuine enthusiasm) “Yes.. I’ve sold some too.”

Me: “Yeah?! That’s so savvy! Can I ask how much you can make off of these?”

Him: (with a huge grin now): “I once sold a pair for $1000 over what I paid!”

Me: “Omg! That is amazing! I never knew about any of this.”

Him: (Opening up more) “Yeah there are special websites just for selling sneakers... like eBay for shoes.”

Me: “That’s pretty cool! Thanks for sharing that with me!”