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(Time: 10:30 am PKT or 12:30 am EST) Sarah's expertise includes parenting in joint family systems + Sarah incorporates parenting lessons from Sunnah as well. Sarah's youngest is a baby and her eldest is 10, so she's well equipped to deal with sibling rivalry issues. Sarah will communicate the content in Urdu and English.


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- Starting Dec 07, Live meetings every Wednesday for the duration of the course at 10:30 am PKT or 12:30 am EST

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Sarah Ali

Parent/Family Coach

More About Sarah...

Sarah is a trained Montessori Directness from Association of Montessori International and thus has a solid understanding of childhood development and age-appropriate teaching practices. Sarah has a deep interest in respectful parenting with a neuroscience and trauma-informed approach and has consequently done many programs and courses to learn how to support children with behavioral challenges; she has learned directly from Dr Ross Greene about his Collaborative and Proactive Solutions approach as well. She has been working closely with Maryam in various capacities for the last three years, and is now a parent coach leading workshops and group coaching. 
Sarah has been on a healing journey of her own and understands how difficult it is to parent respectfully when we are looking at the world through the lens of our own wounds. Thus, she works with all her clients by focusing on their self-awareness and teaching them self-compassion, thus guiding them on their own healing journeys. Sarah has also completed two years of Alema (Islamic scholarship) course and supports her clients through the spiritual lens as well. She has profound knowledge of supporting mothers who feel stuck in impossible situations and is able to help them move forward, despite difficult circumstances. Her close work with the Muslim Mama, an NLP coach, has also equipped her with effective tools to help overcome limiting beliefs.

As a person who started her journey towards parenting respectfully late, she has a lot of compassion for moms struggling to repair their relationships with their children. 
Sarah also lives in a joint family system and thus can also help other mothers who seek guidance on how to parent respectfully in joint family systems. 
Sarah lives in Karachi, Pakistan with her four incredible sons.
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