Sana's Anokhay Parents' Course (Big Group)

This is the only program being offered that's for couples as well. Your spouse doesn't have to pay extra. Sana's approach incorporates lessons from her religious beliefs as well. Sana's expertise covers all ages. This is an 8-week respectful parenting course.


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- Starting  August 27th, Live meetings every Sunday for the duration of the course!

- Facebook group support for AP graduates.

-Upgrade available for WhatsApp inclusion + exclusive sessions(once a month) for additional $100

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Sana Tanveer malik

Parent Coach (+ Special Needs)

More About Sana...

Sana is a certified Parent Educator from Positive Discipline Association of United States and a licensed ADHD Parent Coach from ADHD Parent Coach Academy (APCA). Her mission is to help parents find the joy in parenting through embracing a respectful parenting paradigm, one that focuses on connection, compassion, and collaboration.

Sana believes self-healing is crucial to respectful parenting and thus approaches all parenting struggles through a trauma-informed lens. She recognizes mindfulness and self-compassion are key to healing and positive relationships, and has thus completed a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction certificate course. She has also studied under Dr Kristin Neff to learn about her evidence-based Mindful Self-Compassion model.

Sana’s particular area of interest is helping shift the mainstream perspective on children with special/ additional needs. To this end, Sana has received special training in helping explosive children with behavioral challenges, using Dr Ross Greene’s model of Collaborative and Proactive Solutions. She also has a certificate in introductory level DIR and DIRFloortime therapy, a compassionate and evidence-based model to support, and teach skills to children with higher support needs.

For the last 3-4 years, Sana has been working closely with Maryam to build a community of respectful parents worldwide. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two children

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