Garima's Anokhay Parents' Course

This is an online 8-week Respectful Parenting course appropriate for parents of kids aged 6 and less..


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- Starting  August 18,  Live meetings every Sunday  for the duration of the course at 7:00pm PKT

- Free WhatsApp support group

- Facebook group support for AP graduates.

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Parent Coach

More About Garima...


Garima's expertise is working with parents of young kids(6 and less).
She’ll coach you on dealing with kid’s tantrums, focus on raising emotionally balanced kids and will enable parents to channelize their own triggers and unmet needs. Her methods will allow you to build a deep emotional connection, set clear boundaries which are free from shame, blame, pain and bring more joy to everyday parenting, without bribery, threats, yelling or punishment.

Her counsel has also helped parents introduce Independent eating habits to kids from a very early age.

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