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I'm Maryam and I can't wait to join you on your parenting journey and help you raise kind and confident children AND become the parent you always wanted to be! 

maryam with family

Things I can help YOU with:

  • Parenting dilemmas

    • For ages 0-11 (direct guidance to parents)
    • For ages 12+ (partnered guidance to teens and parents)

  • New Parents or Parents-to-be

    • Planning on having a baby and wondering if its too soon to learn healthy parenting practices? Your timing is perfect! Don't hesitate to start now when you still have free time!

  • Relationship advice

    • Single moms (supporting your children and yourself)​
    • Divorced ladies
    • Struggling couples

  • Healing journey

    • A trauma-informed approach to healing and future goals​
    • Anger management and emotional regulation skills
    • Dealing with toxic-behavior people

  • Career Guidance

    • What should I do with my life?​
    • My teen needs direction for the next steps in life

Why do I think I can help you change your life?


You see...

I was once where you are...

Yelling at my kids too much...

Feeling helpless and lost as a parent...

Not knowing why I get so angry at them!

...and dare I say it... even raising my hand on my sweet son in moments of extreme frustration (he was my only child at the time)....

I KNEW I don't want to parent like this forever but I didn't know WHY or HOW to stop...

Until I started to figure out what I needed to do and it felt hard but I did it... I started to heal myself and my relationship with my kids and now I can proudly say, alhamdulilah... I don't remember the last time I raised a hand on my children!

AND parenthood has now become joyful, hopeful and rewarding!

I've spent the last seven years learning through neuroscience and research about parenting practices that help heal our own trauma while raising kids who won't have the struggles we're having! Kids who will be kind, compassionate, resilient and confident!

Even though the work of healing as well as working on our relationship with our kids is a lifelong undertaking, it doesn't have to be super slow either! That's where I come in...

I did the reading, research and 'trial and error' so you don't have to! And I give you the one thing I didn't have on my journey and sorely missed- the support, empathy and guidance of someone who believes in you and knows how to lift you up when you're down! I will hold your hand and share everything I know so that you can get down to the business of raising your children in shaa'Allah the way you always wanted to!


Hear from people I've worked with.

What's included?​


πŸ’— 12 weekly calls 

πŸ’— 24/7 WhatsApp support with me

πŸ’— Graphic printable charts to help you remember the plan (see below)

πŸ’— Free membership for Anokhay Friends for 6 months

Your Investment?

It's $5000 or $2500 (for Pakistani residents) for the 4-month program 

- Can be broken into 4 months installment

Pay One Payment of $5000
Pay 4 Payments of $1250
Online 1 : 1 Session 1-Hour $500

There is 50% discount available for Pakistani residents. Please email [email protected] for details.

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yourself and your parenting?

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