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I'm Afra, a Therapist, an NLP Practitioner and a Parent Coach and I can't wait to join you on your parenting journey and help you raise kind and confident children AND become the parent you always wanted to be! 

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I'm an Integrative therapist in training under CPPD Pakistan, and a certified NLP practitioner with a trauma-informed approach. I'm also Clinically Certified Trauma Specialist trained by Dr. Robert Rhoton from Arizona Trauma Institute.

My goal here is to provide parents like you the effective tools for you to be able to respectfully parent your children, and re-parent yourself to begin to heal from your own experiences.

I strongly believe that as parents, people are trying the best they can for their children with the resources that they have.

With ample support and guidance, we all have the innate potential to grow, learn and heal.

I support parents in working with their own triggers and trauma, so you can show up for your children the way that you want to.

I believe that the biggest gift a parent can give their children, is their own healing and I'm here to help you with just that.

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Consult for 4-Hours
Consult for 8-Hours
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Things I can help YOU with:

  • Parenting dilemmas

    • For ages 0-11 (direct guidance to parents)
    • For ages 12+ (partnered guidance to teens and parents)

  • New Parents or Parents-to-be

    • Planning on having a baby and wondering if its too soon to learn healthy parenting practices? Your timing is perfect! Don't hesitate to start now when you still have free time!

  • Relationship advice

    • Single moms (supporting your children and yourself)​
    • Divorced ladies
    • Struggling couples

  • Healing journey

    • A trauma-informed approach to healing and future goals​
    • Anger management and emotional regulation skills
    • Dealing with toxic-behavior people

  • Career Guidance

    • What should I do with my life?​
    • My teen needs direction for the next steps in life

1-Hour Consult with Afra


What You Get:

- 1 online session with Afra
- 1 week of follow-up WhatsApp support

I am certain you will benefit from this consult and would find this to be beneficial for your healing and parenting journey.

Your Investment:


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4-Hours Consult with Afra


What You Get:

- 4 online sessions with  me
- 1 month of WhatsApp support during the consults

In these sessions, I work with the clients to set goals that they wish to achieve in the duration of these sessions. We then work towards achieving those desired goals, as much as possible. This is a month package, and includes WhatsApp support in the duration of the consults.

Your Investment:


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Hear from people I've worked with.

What's included?​


πŸ’— 8 or 12 weekly calls (depending on which package you choose)

πŸ’— 24/7 Whatsapp support with me

πŸ’— Graphic printable charts to help you remember the plan (see below)

πŸ’— 24+ bite-sized videos from my Anokhay program to enhance your understanding

πŸ’— Access to my exclusive Anokhay Facebook group

πŸ’— Discounts for any of my other programs during the year of your booking

Your Investment?

It's $5000 or $2500 (for Pakistani residents) for the 2-month program (8 calls package) 

- Can be broken into 2 months installment

Are you ready to transform

yourself and your parenting?

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